Washing and care

All Balulu products are tailored to the highest quality, and we need to make sure they are looked after in the correct way to ensure longevity. 

All of our cartoon designs are handpicked by me (Lulu), and screen printed in India. All of the linens, raw silks and cottons that we work with are made between Bihar and Varanasi and can both last a lifetime if washed correctly. 

For most of our garments we recommend gently hand washing in cold water with a mild detergent. After rinsing, roll up garment and squeeze out excess water. We recommend not leaving the item soaking for too long. 

You should expect their to be some colour in the water the first couple times you wash, as this is the nature of the natural fabric, but this will stop happening after one or two rinses. 

Alternatively we recommend getting the item dry cleaned for the first time you need to wash it and this will help lock in the colours. From then on you can hand wash. 

We are still a small and young company (one 26 year old in fact)!, and as we grow we are constantly learning new things about our fabrics which allow us to improve the quality and care for these beautiful designs. 

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