'Zed' Cotton Kimono


  • Image of 'Zed' Cotton Kimono
  • Image of 'Zed' Cotton Kimono
  • Image of 'Zed' Cotton Kimono
  • Image of 'Zed' Cotton Kimono
  • Image of 'Zed' Cotton Kimono

'Zed' Cotton Kimono

This lined Kimono is the perfect outer layer for all moods! Whether your lounging round the house, dining with friends or partying in a filed somewhere the 'Zed' has got you covered.


- Made from 100% Cotton, this fabric is light, breathable and easy to wear.

- Two large side pockets, inside tie and outside tie. Can be worn tied fully up for more fitted style or tied in the middle for looser style.

- Handpicked aztec print, with only a few of this design available.*

- Recommended cold or hand wash.

- Lined and un-lined versions available, matching items also available.
(Model wears lined).

*Each design only runs in very small batches, making each one even more unique, bespoke and special to you!


All our clothing is unisex and made to more or less one size. Through lots of research and testing outs on friends we believe we have formulated the right size to fit nearly everyone! We have designed all our clothing to have an oversized style and to be comfortable. There are a few variations in certain styles, so on some you can choose from S/M or M/L.

Or if you require a more personal fit then please get in touch via the email and we can see what we can do!

Most of our clothing is reserved for festivals, so what you see on here is limited edition and unlikely to be continued.

Image of 'Green' Raw Cotton Kimono
'Green' Raw Cotton Kimono
Image of 'Max' Reversible Cotton Kimono
'Max' Reversible Cotton Kimono
Image of 'Dori' Paisley Cotton Kimono
'Dori' Paisley Cotton Kimono
Image of 'Ludo' Camo Kimono
'Ludo' Camo Kimono
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