Fair Pay

I believe in keeping my fashion label transparent and traceable. I want you to know as much as possible what goes on behind the scenes. Here is a little bit about how I pay my small and wonderful team. 

Everyone's wages are set collectively with the team. Dada and his tailors (who have been trained as master tailors) prefer to be paid per piece, as opposed to factory line production. This amount is set by them depending on how long it takes and the complexity of the item.

I pay for the fabrics separately and directly off the local suppliers. I pay 60% upfront, and 40% once all the items have been delivered and checked. This system works for everyone. Not paying it all at once means there is still something to work towards and encourages them to do the job well and in good time. 

Everyone involved is paid above the living wage, and ensured safe working conditions, holidays, sickness breaks and days off. They mostly work 6 day weeks, excluding holidays, and never more than 48 hours in that week. If they do have to work overtime they are paid for it.

They take regular breaks and live very close to the shop meaning they can still have lots of time with their families and a life outside work. I feel very lucky to have a partnership with such talented people and to be able to work together to create Balulu.

To be able to economically empower these people and see the transformative effect is incredible. They work because they are happy. There are lots of opportunities to support small businesses in India. I support my tailors and their families by doing what I do. We are a very small knit team, and together create the brand.

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