Our Fabrics

All our fabrics are hand selected by myself (Lulu) and brought from local family run businesses. We are now only working with natural and raw materials. 

The bedsheets - All of the bedsheets we work with are made from 100% cotton and dyed with low impact dyes to be kind on the skin. The fabric is first washed, then dyed and then screen printed with the different designs. We repurpose these bed sheets bought from local retailers and turn them into our designs. Each and everyone one of our bedsheets is handpicked - and there is often only one or two of each design available making them even more special and unique. 

Once out of fashion or if they have any imperfections then these bed sheets will often get thrown away by bigger companies and end up in landfills. We only buy our bedsheets from local suppliers, who buy off the bigger companies (due to an imperfection or a new trend coming in). So by giving them a new purpose we are helping to reduce this waste and negative implications on the environment. 

Because we often don’t have access to large batches of the same print, we can’t guarantee the same style will be coming back or that we have something back in stock once it is gone. We think this is great because it makes each piece even more unique and exclusive. We are the opposite of factory line production and prefer making one off more meaningful pieces. 

The linens, raw silks and khadi cottons - Linen is made from the earth friendly flax plant and is one of the most biodegradable fabrics in the history of fashion. We are also working with raw silk which is 100% completely natural. The silk threads are made in Bihar by a family run business and weaved here in Varanasi by local weavers.

We purchase these materials from the Muslim area in Varanasi nearby Assi Ghat where the weavers live. Abdul Reham is the person I deal with directly for this. I always look forward to going to see him when I visit. Despite not being able to speak any English, and myself not being able to speak very little Hindi - we can still communicate in small ways such as hand signals and fingers for numbers. If I need anything translated then Dada can help me with this also. All of his beautiful fabrics are made locally and to the highest standards. 

Bindaas Unlimited - We are very excited to announce that we will soon be launching a new range of playsuits. These are not only going to be made by the wonderful women at the Learn for Life Tailoring Project, but are also made from 100% organically dyed cottons created by Bindaas Unlimited.  

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