Ethics and values

All of the clothing is designed by me (Lulu) in Bristol, and made in Varanasi, India. Whilst travelling around India for 5 months, I was in the search for a reliable tailor to help me start my business. In our last week travelling in the Northern state Uttar pradesh, before heading South, by chance I met my man - Anup Kumar. He had an established looking tailor shop that looked very clean and professional. I was immediately attracted to the stripy dungarees he had hanging in the window! He has got a great reputation for his ethical values and using natural materials.

I make sure to go and visit my tailor as much as possible and keep in contact with him via whatsapp nearly everyday. We don’t just talk business, he tells me about what festivals are happening and what is happening with his family - not only is he my tailor but now he is also a good friend. I want to support him and his amazing work. They are so talented, in so many ways, and I feel very lucky to have this partnership. It also gives me an excuse to go back to India regularly!

The money I pay my tailor has supported him, his family and business enormously. He has been able to travel and do a lot of things he couldn’t do before. Him and his tailors can afford to work part time doing this. Where they work is a nice clean open space, and the lighting is excellent.

To help even further with my green ethos, all the clothes will be made from natural materials and dyes, with nothing artificial. I will also soon be looking into using recycled materials to make the clothes, such as recycled plastic bottles. I think this would be an amazing move forward in fashion, and using recycled goods to make our clothes.

I want there to be emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, and experienced labour - and this is exactly the values and practice of my tailor in Varanasi. I want my clothes to have longevity and be a worthy investment, meaning the products last a long time and therefore contributing to less waste. Now is the time we need to be looking towards our environmental contribution, and how we can help in the battle to save our planet for future generations.