Ever since I was really young, my favourite thing in the world was fashion, making clothes and dressing up. I was always fascinated by what the pop stars were wearing on tv, and by my older sister who was a cyber punk and had the most amazing, out there, wardrobe. I started to make clothes when I was about 14, and during my school years textiles was always my absolute favourite subject.

By the age of 16 I was working in my favourite boutique, Cabbages & Roses, which was in Mayfair, London. Every Sunday I would go up to Brick Lane and sell my second hand clothes out in a suitcase (you used to be able to do that)! I then decided to leave school at 17 and go to art school. I got into Central Saint Martins and was one of the youngest people in the year to attend the foundation course. I specialised in Styling for Fashion and Textiles, and came out with a distinction. I then went onto do my BA degree at Falmouth University, studying Fashion Photography.

I had done several internships and worked in fashion jobs in London, as this is what I always thought I wanted to do. I had never ever imagined having my own business, but sometimes found it hard working in the industry and often the people I worked for. Fashion can often be such a cut-throat industry, and I think this can often mean the human touch is lost, or at least people are less empathetic towards others. I learnt a lot of lessons from this, such as the importance of treating employees and customers with respect and courtesy.

The whole process of starting my own business actually came about whilst I was traveling in India on a five month trip. I was so inspired when I was out there, the colours, vibrance and energy of the country is just amazing. All the ladies in their sarees fill the streets with colour, and I think it is the most inspiring place I have have ever been in terms of textiles, innovation and craftsmanship. I had been getting clothes made up by the wonderful tailors all over the country (out of bedsheets) and I put photos of these online. The response was amazing, and this is what encouraged me to begin my own business.

More than anything I wanted to make fun playful and comfortable clothes which are accessible to everyone! Why blend in with the crowds? It's time to make a statement with our clothes, and have fun doing it. All of fabrics are handpicked by me, designed by me, and made in India by my wonderful tailors who I have been working very closely with for two years now. We only work with natural materials, and never use anything synthetic or artificial. All of our bedsheet designs run in small batches, and the placement of the fabric on the design is always different. It is therefore very unlikely you will ever find two of the same piece - making them that more special and bespoke. Everyone can have their own unique one, and everyone can look fabulous. Join the Balulu revolution here, and start filling the streets with colour whilst supporting an independent and local business that puts priority on it's ethics and values.

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